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The Ultimate Cyber Awareness Training Companion

Our app combines top-tier cyber awareness practices and artificial intelligence with expert guidance. It revolutionizes learning through a user-friendly, gamified nano-learning approach, enhancing engagement and retention in cybersecurity training.

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of all data breaches are caused by an employee's mistake.

The most common reasons





Remote Work

Perceived Legitimacy

Stanford University research 2022

"Why do traditional cyber awareness training programs often fail to effectively equip employees, leading to gaps in knowledge and preparedness in the face of evolving cyber threats?"

1. Lack of Proper Training

2. Assumption of Security

3. Complexity and speed of technological changes

4. Lack of the Personalised Approach

5. Curtular Factors

6. Information Overload

7. Lack of Practical Application

8. Psychological Factors

Cyber112 – Your Shield in the Digital Age



"Cyber112 has revolutionized the way we approach cybersecurity training within our organization. Its simplicity and innovative nano-learning methodology have significantly enhanced our team's awareness and responsiveness to cyber threats."


"As a CTO, I'm constantly seeking ways to integrate technology seamlessly into our workflows. Cyber112 stands out with its intuitive design and timely updates, keeping our team ahead of the curve in cybersecurity awareness without overwhelming them."


"In the banking sector, staying vigilant about cybersecurity is paramount. Cyber112 has been a game changer for us, offering a simple yet comprehensive tool that keeps our staff updated and informed about the latest cyber risks and defenses."

Cyber112 – Key Benefits


The support teams for the cyber awareness mobile app play a pivotal role in enriching the app's content and functionality, drawing from real-world insights and experiences, creating relevant content, conducting quality assurance, and performing rigorous penetration testing to ensure robust security."

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"Cyber Academy, a premier institution in the SEE region, offers a unique 'Learn by Doing' approach, emphasizing practical skills in Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. Our students, now active globally, range from small business system designers to protectors of state critical infrastructures. Having trained hundreds in cybersecurity, infosec, ethical hacking, and digital forensics, we take pride in our graduates who contribute significantly to the tech industry. They assist in prosecuting computer crimes, advise on cyber warfare and APT threats, and collaborate with heads of state, NATO, and multinational corporations. Cyber Academy stands as a cradle for tomorrow's leaders in Cybersecurity."


Sentry is a cybersecurity company providing NIST and OWASP Compliant Security Testing as well as cutting-edge enterprise protection and specialized development to strengthen cybersecurity posture for products, services, and infrastructure.

Founded in 2017, the company is established in SEE – with a presence in the United States and EU. Sentry provides cutting-edge cyber security services in Financial, Govtech, and Critical Information Infrastructure Industries.


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